Purna Bliss | Mahua

Land Area:  201344 m2 (75 acres)

Builtup Area:  43237 m2

Scope of Work: Master planning, Architecture, Interior, Landscape 

Status : Idea / Concept  

Year: 2014

As you drive through the green-scaped routes adjacent to the River Purna, a distant watchtower orients you towards a unique development scheme at Mahuva Bardoli of Gujarat. This 80-acre of potential land with 10m of the slope facing towards the river responds to its existing landforms and contours on site. Although being a private scheme, the site with its context encourages the idea of organic development that reflects the integrated lifestyle of its inhabitants. The project incorporates friendly neighborhood and climate-responsive built-forms; through the implementation of urban design principles for a sustainable environment and improved quality of life.

The design language is inspired by the tropical architecture expresses a strong sense of village-like setting in an urban context. Along with sloping roofs, large overhangs, and private gardens, the scheme offers community living with a minimum built and maximum open space. The project also embraces an existing trench, now being converted into a beautiful lake, surrounded by jogging-cycling tracks, strolling zones, and diverse street furniture with varied landscapes. Such a series of recreational houses and vehicle-free zone states an experiential living for its occupants- as purna bliss