Located within a dense neighbourhood and a small plot, the Shubhechha house left only the west facing facade free to work with. Balancing the requirements of privacy, interactivity, and the need for natural light and ventilation, extensive use of skylights have been done. To compensate for the openings on the South-west, which lets in light, and along with it the heat, cantilever overhangs and wooden screens were introduced. Thermal insulated windows and single slab overhangs used in bedrooms control the temperature. The only North-east corner lacking natural air, hosts a concealed wind tower that catches the air from above and brings it to the bedroom. The contrast between rustic and glossy materials creates balance, while making the house ravishing.

  • The elegant living room
  • The colours of the wood in the living
  • Shubhechha name plate at entrance
  • Exterior view of the house
  • The front facade
  • The balcony
  • Shades of brown and white
  • Creative and minimalistic door handle
  • Wooden projection creating awning
  • Wooden awning
  • The dining room
  • Partition between the dining and the living
  • Kitchen in white
  • Living room
  • The bedroom
  • Bedroom in shades of brown and white
  • Louvered wall/windows
  • The bath
  • The bed
  • Balcony and family lounge
  • The study in bedroom
  • The washroom
  • Louvered wall leading to bedroom
  • Game of light and shadow
  • The white basin
  • The chequered basin
  • Wall design at entrance foyer