Radhika house, located in Kankroli, Rajasthan is a 4BHK house built on a trapezoidal site. The crux of the design was to use vernacular materials and create 4 main walls, parallel to each other and dividing the spaces. Elaborate use of stone, as a signature material of Rajasthan has been done. The strong and independent stone walls give a sense of richness and solidity to the house, expressing its belongingness to the finer class. With the tallest block being on south, the adjacent blocks are partially or fully shaded by it. Jalis were created on southern wall with buffer space containing water body of 6 feet between the wall and the habitable space to control the ingression of heat and add humidity to dry air.

  • The three divisions
  • Jalis in the stone wall for circulation of wind
  • Breaking down the linear facade
  • Three levels of terrace
  • The terrace garden
  • Interior spaces