A 4BHK apartment of a builder, Soham Heights is built on a minimalistic approach, on the fact that nothing other than mandatory is necessary. For this, all the furniture was custom designed and manufactured in Surat. Colours were added to the living space to vibrate volume. Mobile furniture allowed for multiple uses by being moved to place of need. A variant of Tom Dickson's austere ceiling lights were placed. The initial employing of graceful wooden handles with smaller frames began from here. Shera Grey Granite and Rustic flooring in white was used. Furniture of humble size with basic colour palette of grey, peach and white is used.

  • The living room capturing maximum view
  • The walk up to the living room
  • Adding nothing that is unnecessary
  • Simple, comfortable and minimal furniture
  • The room at dusk
  • The austere ceiling lights over the table
  • The living room
  • The bedroom
  • Cushioned headboard and wall light
  • Use of stone to gives richness to space
  • Sitting space at the window for glancing out
  • A very minimalist door handle that merges with the wooden strip