A private home theatre in a farm house of 32' by 20', J9 is located in the basement of the bungalow containing 11 recliners and hosts a disco domain. Going down to the space, the design is a layout of how sound travels. The designs in stages allows for the panels at the entry to absorb the sound, the plain surface to retain and the diffuser panels to diffuse the sound for acoustic effects. The diffuser panel murals at the end are made of wooden chips that cast the form of a chariot wheel. One of these is a door, so it opens for entrance. The theatre feel was brought about by film frames, artefacts and paintings in the corridor.

  • The door mural of ‘Chariot Wheel’
  • Exterior facade of the theatre
  • Theatre screen
  • Artificial spectrum lights
  • The lounge chairs of the theatre
  • Paintings of artists at entrance passage
  • Floor lights
  • Convertible discotheque
  • The ray through the wooden wheel
  • The transit colours