The touch of luxury and sophistication was accomplished by this 5 bedroom apartment by using the concept of folded surfaces that incorporate openness and fluidity and give each line a special effect. The furniture compliments the ceiling with veneer in bedrooms to add warmth. Huge metal sheets with cutwork and bending process like origami folds have been made as a wall covering on master bedroom’s headboard. Using grooves in wood and veneer furniture accentuates the look and finishing with the game of light and shadow highlighting and illuminating the spaces. The partition walls in the living and kitchen area with folded grooves as 2D graphics and steel cut out tree pattern have been focused on, maintaining clean and simple lines that achieve the requirement of 'something different' by the client.

  • Elegant mural formed by origami folds at headboard
  • Bedrooms flushed with artificial lighting
  • The folds at master bedroom’s headboard
  • Light within the bends
  • Illusion of opening surfaces from the right
  • Bends and folds in the headboard and walls
  • The master bedroom
  • The kitchen
  • Contrast of black furniture with white walls
  • Ceiling mural giving effect of ‘technical glitch’
  • ‘Tree’s Impact’ mural on partition
  • Slits on the wooden ceiling adding sophistication
  • At the entrance
  • Crevices used as handles