Vyara House, designed for a doctor couple and their two daughters, is based completely on vaastu, and the architectural rules of light and ventilation. The design allows the residents to view the visitors from the house, but the visitors' vision is blocked, making the design introverted. Keeping mostly public and semi-private activity rooms on the ground floor gives the client the freedom to move around the house with ease.  Enriched with multiple courtyards, with almost every room having its own, the house borrows light and air from the outside through these, an open south facade and niches in the walls.  An open circulation boosts the residents’ interaction, while still making sure the very frequent visitors are constrained to the public spaces at the entrance.

  • The master/children's bedroom
  • Small courtyards with low sitting
  • The living
  • Dining area opening in the court
  • The vision restricting passage
  • Shades of red
  • The pooja, purged with light
  • The master/children's bedroom
  • Views via model
  • Louvers for filtering light
  • Elaborate use of stone and wood
  • The central court