The fundamentals of schooling have impacted the design for Vashishtha School. Located near Bardoli, the 1.6 acre site has developed into a school on the concept of 'GROWTH', a step by step rhythmic process of maturing. Pete Mondrian's De Stijl art inspired the creation of the paramount facade that brings colours to the structure. The zones were divided on basis of activities, and location of several blocks in an L shaped arrangement following a theme garden and an honour wall divides the school and the administration over an axis. The building, orientated North-South keeps the volley ball and basket ball courts shaded from the day's harsh sunlight. The climate responsive and context based structure also hosts an amphitheatre and sports activity hall among others.

  • North East Court
  • Basketball court at the rear
  • Pete Mondrian inspired glass entrance facade
  • Pete Mondrian inspired primary colours bringing life to school