Located in Surat, Rajguru House comprises of a 5 feet plinth to contain a 10 feet high basement. The 6 bedroom house is designed by exploring geometry and its fundamentals. The addition and subtraction in two basic rectangular forms shapes the structure. The larger block is a double height volume while the smaller is single height. The recess forms the dining area. Extended weather shed covers the front block, providing a shaded terrace garden and filtered light into the central courtyard.  Extensive study of sciography at different time in a day and different day in a year was carried out. An added floor to the rear block was set to the back to play down the height of the volume. The front block hosts the living room while the top floor hosts the bedrooms. With gardens on 3 levels, the house is a relish to the eye.

  • Development step 1- the site
  • Development step 2- floor space
  • Development step 3- going below ground
  • Development step 4- putting simple rectangular forms
  • Development step 5- subtraction
  • Development step 6- extruding top face
  • Development step 7- adding another rectangle
  • Sciagraphy
  • 3D view of design