Located in Vapi, Pramukh House is a corporate headquarters building for a builder. Only 1/4th of the plot of 8000 sq meters was utilized, with built up area being a mere 1000 sq meters. This consisted of MD cabins, working studios, sales cabins, conference area and rest rooms. The challenge lied in creating a vast landscape of 6000 sq meters on the North-west. A glass wall was introduced in front of it to make it visible from the road for the passerby. To control the south sun, a buffer garden was added between the south wall and the habitable space, which remained constantly shaded. Punctures in the wall allowed for light to enter the area. 2 meter overhangs and vertical fins on the west side towards the garden rejected the entry of harsh sunlight, while the glass facade allows for a radiant view.

  • The buffer garden
  • Double height of the reception
  • Idol under the weather shed
  • Brightly coloured working space
  • The simple waiting area
  • Boxed facade to filter light
  • The meeting room allowing view of lawn
  • Partitions of glass
  • Conference room
  • Office of white walls and wooden furniture
  • The softscape
  • The main entry
  • The overhangs with glass facade
  • Night glow via artificial lighting