Located on 25 acres of land, Pramukh farm is a vast farmhouse containing 7 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, gym area, outdoor pavilions and barbeque area along with 50 car parking. The plot near the lake was selected and a sense of surprise was intended for the farm house. For this, addition of a contoured landscape in front of the house with curved pathway and concealed parking behind the mound was carried out. A large arrival corridor takes one inside to the living room with staircase leading to the bedrooms above. The organization is C shaped facing the lake with an internal courtyard and an outdoor fire place. A walking track surrounds the residence. The swimming pool in the north east with a morning deck and outdoor kitchen allows the resident to stay close to their natural landscape.

  • The contour hiding the house that make one inquisitive
  • A simple form of addition and subtraction of spaces
  • The swimming pool
  • The design layout on site
  • The C shaped structure with hard and softscape
  • Sliding openable walls
  • The context of lake