Located in Palsana, the row house scheme is chiefly for the NRI people, who were in good number in the vicinity. These weekend homes are contemporary styled, with their uniqueness being the living rooms and gardens at the rear, gifting absolute privacy and extended accessibility. A plunge pool for the residents and open dining areas suggested added approach to nature. The bedrooms reside on the front facade with minimum windows, but that has been balanced by adding horizontal wooden members to break the verticality of the facade. Designed according to vaastu, a person walks through a short but corridor before entering the house from the rear. 150 units of 2BHK and 3BHK together form the township with beautiful golden lighting for a delightful and pleasant weekend.

  • The glass facade
  • The open dining
  • Closed structure from the street
  • Living spaces on the rear while bedrooms to the front
  • Suitable distance between the row houses