A tiles factory in Morbi's administrative and display building, Blackberry Tiles responds to climate. The dusty micro climate of Morbi due to over 800 tile factories made it mandatory to make a maintainable friendly building facade. Having over 2/3rd area a display gallery, artificial lighting eliminated the need to capture natural light. Brown aluminium pipes were thus used, kept vertically encircling the whole structure. This helped filter the sunlight from the west (the main facade being North-west), and avoid the dust settlement on the bars. Moulding the facade to make additive forms breaks the monotone and vastness of the structure, also giving courts and canopy for entrance. The ground floor hosts administration and conference while first and second floor host 5 display galleries The structure pauses with a terrace garden for product launching and small parties.

  • Integument using vertical brown aluminium pipes
  • Moulding facade to make entrance foyer
  • The lawn and softscape
  • The reception at entrance
  • The sitting at entrance