Who we are

At DWG, we see architecture as a means to enhance the personal experience. Whether it is designing a state of the art new headquarters for an international client or a minimalist home, we believe that a project's starting point is always the client. We pride ourselves in our diligence and our humility.

We believe that clear, honest and frequent communication is the foundation of a successful project. We see sustainability as integral to the design of every building. We believe in partnering with our clients and being a trusted advisor throughout the design and delivery phases. We analyse the client site and building concept as a whole system and strive to create a structure that works on every level, and which is uniquely designed to support your life, your work, and your goals.







Our team

DWG was conceptualized by the visionary trio of Dinesh, Bharat and Jitendra. The DWG team consists of talented and energetic individuals who with their relevant expertise help bring to life our mission to create exceptional, one of a kind, sustainable solutions for our clients.

Dinesh Suthar
  • Principal Designer
Bharat Patel
  • Principal Designer
Jitendra Sabalpara
  • Principal Designer
Bhavika Suthar
  • Interior Designer
Siddharth Bhesaniya
  • Architect
Hardik Padmani
  • Interior Designer
Manan Govani
  • Architect
Mansi Bhuva
  • Interior Designer
Prabhuti Sorathiya
  • Architect
Priti Suthar
  • Interior Designer
Varun Sojitra
  • Civil Engineer
Ajay Verma
  • Office Manager
Amish Patel
  • Sarathi

What we do

Interior Design02
Landscape Design 03
Urban Design / Master Planing 04
Custom development of furniutre and interior elements 06
BIM 07
Structure Design 09

Nominations and Awards

Nominated for IIA National Awards 2021, Industrial Building (GreenLab Diamond)
- Mumbai | Maharastra | India
ICEA - Ultratech Outstanding Concrete Structure Awards, Industrial Building (GreenLab Diamond)
- Surat | Gujarat | India
ICEA - Ultratech Outstanding Concrete Structure Awards, Residence (Shebhi House)
- Surat | Gujarat | India
Nominated for IIA National Awards 2016, Unbuilt Architecture (Radhika House)
- Chennai | TamilNadu | India
Nominated for IIA National Awards 2016, Interior - Non-Residential (Peacock Technology)
- Chennai | India
IIID Anchor Awards 2016, Young Practice of the Year
- New Delhi | India
Design perspective 2016, Speaker at Debate of “Technology’s influence on Design”
- Surat | Gujarat | India
Sthaptya Interior Exhibition 2015, Best Stall Design (Bajaj World)
- Surat | Gujarat | India
IIID Anchor Awards 2014, Young Designer
- Rajkot | Gujarat | India
IIID Anchor Awards 2014, Multi-Dwelling Large
- Rajkot | Gujarat | India
IIID Anchor Awards 2014, Commercial Work Space
- Rajkot | Gujarat | India
Surat Property Show 2014, Best Stall Design (Pramukh Group)
- Rajkot | Gujarat | India
Inside Outside Exhibition 2013, Presentation 10 on 10 “Less hassle more work”
- Surat | Gujarat | India