Relax Platinum is a range of small weekend houses near Ubhrat. A sample house and master plan were compassed for the client. The linear layout of the plot for the project demanded a linear organization and public areas were acquainted with curves. The circular shape of the clubhouse allows privacy. The three types of houses stretched the range and generate options for selection. A vivid and decently decorated garden stands in front of each house. A copious water body retains water for the entire premises, catering to the place as water supply is scarce in the vicinity. Enriched with indoor sports, spa, home theatre, fragrance garden and a discothèque, the site is self sufficient and complete on its own.

  • The garden space
  • Artificial pond that cools trapped air
  • The organic shape of clubhouse
  • Curvilinear wall overlooking deck and water body
  • The semicircular entrance
  • Private garden space with soothing landscape